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Do you or a family member need a little extra attention? Private lessons can be a great way to speed up the learning process. Private lessons are designed to learn or improve groundstrokes, net game, serve, footwork, tactics and strategical skills for adult or youth tennis players in a one-on-one format for 60 minutes. Students can set the lesson day and times with coach Hernandez.

Private lessons can be planed as serious or as fun as you would like them to be! The teaching and coaching areas will include:

  • Proper stroke's fundamentals and techniques.

  • Singles and doubles strategy and tactics.

  • Court positioning.

  • point construction and shot selection.

  • Footwork and physical conditioning.

  • developing a game style.

  • Mental toughness.



Fun, varied and energetic  drills for beginners, intermediates and advanced players designed to improve stroke production, singles-doubles match play strategies, winning tactics, doubles court positioning, footwork patterns and endurance.


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One on one customized program designed for highly motivated USTA tournament players who already possess district, sectional and/or national rankings. In addition to the one on one training, coach Hernandez will design small group sessions with other peers of similar ability and commitment. 

Intense drills, match play and tennis specific conditioning are emphasised on this program to improve player's strokes, consistency, winning patterns, quickness, endurance, strength, flexibility and mental toughness.

Coach travel to tournaments can be arranged.


            10 AND UNDER PROGRAM


Clinic for children ages 8-10. The  program is designed to introduce the fundamentals of tennis. Players will learn the correct mechanics of each stroke, proper court positioning, and movement, as well as sound strategies for future growth and development. All basic techniques will be reinforced constantly through coordination exercises, competitive fun games, and singles & doubles play. 

The clinic will be centered primarily on the use of red, orange and green dot balls that are 75% 50% and 25% slower than the regular yellow ball respectively.

To ensure that the starter children learn to play the game quickly and easily, I will implement the "Tennis 10s" teaching format from the ITF (International Tennis Federation) and the "Net Generation" from the USTA.



Tennis fitness program is designed to maximize a tennis player's performance and to avoid injuries. Utilizing simple equipment such as medicine balls, tubing, cones, elastic bands and the own body weight  The on court circuit program include the following:

Warm up, coordination,balance, reaction, strength, explosive strength, agility, flexibility, correct footwork patterns and cool down. 

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