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Reed what happy students and proud parents have been saying about their experiences with coach Hernandez.

Despite years of lessons and practice, I couldn't hit a decent backhand to save my soul. I tried to avoid backhands at all cost. I took lessons with Hernan and I no longer fear them. I love them!

I found the approach of most tennis teachers was to just hit a lot of balls to my backhand and praise me when I happened to hit a good one back. That didn't work for me. I had no consistency. I knew I had to change something I was doing, but I didn't know what. I needed someone to tell me exactly what I had to do differently, and watch me and tell me when I was doing it correctly and when I wasn't. That's exactly what Hernan did for me.

I'm not going to lie, Hernan's approach may not be for everyone. If you want someone who's just going to hit balls to your strength and tell you how good you are, Hernan is not for you. A teacher like that may make you feel good, but when you go out to play a match with the same weaknesses and lose (again), that feeling won't last. But if you really want to improve and are willing to make changes, Hernan can give you the direction you need to become a better player. He'll inspire you too because he demonstrates everything he teaches.

Hernan didn't just help my backhand. He improved what had been my strengths - my forehand and serve. He also coached me on strategy. The end result was winning more matches and enjoying the game more. If you're serious about wanting to improve your game, I can't recommend Hernan highly enough.

Barry M.


I was coached by Hernan Hernandez during my formative years. His valuable lessons were very important to develop my game and also gave me the necessary skills to become a good tennis player. Every lesson with coach Hernandez included many aspects of the game such as mental toughness, work ethic and a high intensity physical component that helped me achieve many things that I wanted in my journey playing National and International tennis.


Colombian National Junior Singles Ranking: #3 in 12s, #2 in 14s, #1 in 16s, #2 in 18s

Represented Colombia in many international events reaching an ITF world ranking of 550


Division 1 College Scholarship USF/ISU

Jorge Suarez


Hernan Hernandez was one of my coaches, with him I learned how to play tennis, he is an excellent tennis coach with a lot of teaching qualities, and with him I was able to reach an excellent tennis level. He helped me to improve my backhand and motivated me to enjoy and love the game which I believe is the most important aspect of playing it.


# 5 in the Colombian ranking at the age of 17, my ITF world ranking was 500 when I was 18, making some singles finals in tournaments grade 4 as well as in doubles.

Played futures and challengers


Division 1 College Scholarship University of Texas at Arlington.

Sebastian Gomez


My son is very lucky to have Hernan as his tennis coach. Most of all, Hernan has a passion for his students' improvement, not just let them know how to hit better. He analyzes my son's level in great detail, makes customized plans, and keeps moving forward to next steps. He is always playing with my son: hitting together, running together, and sweating together. Also, he emphasizes mental strengh and playing attitude. His game strategy is also excellent. He is using a lot of new lesson equipment for racquet speed, service, home practice, pictures and video clips. I don't think my son could improve as much as he is without Hernan. We are very pleased with his coaching.

Elliot Y.


Hernan is a world-class tennis instructor/professional. I trained with Hernan multiple times per week over the course of several years as a junior tennis player, and I owe many, many thanks to him for how well he developed me as a tennis player, both on and off the court. Hernan is the definition of composure on and off the court. He is professional, polite, and very accommodating to all of his clients. His knowledge for the game has no end, and he truly is a "student of the game." He is always reading new material, studying professionals on the tour, or seeking advice from coaches of professionals on the tour. Hernan's tennis IQ is genuinely something else. He will make you think about your stroke mechanic, point construction, help you build up weaker parts of your game, and continue to strengthen the already stronger parts of your game. Expect to work hard, but with that hard work, expect great results. I enjoyed my time with Hernan thoroughly.


Division 1 College Scholarship UAB

Henry P.





I have taken lessons with many tennis pros over the years. When I was introduced to Hernan, I knew he was the type of pro for me and I have been working with him ever since. He analyzed my strokes and started to incrementally improve upon them, never making too may changes at once. We work on every aspect of the game and he teaches me things that I never knew about, both physically and mentally. He asks about my matches and then we work on the things that I can improve upon for future matches. And if I feel I want to work on something specific, he is more than willing to do so. He can be taxing, but if you hang in there you will see the results! I have! I am happy with the topspin and slice that I can generate and the various types of serves I'm working on. And I am still learning even more about the game. He is always considerate and appreciates you as a client with a sincere handshake at the end of every lesson. I highly recommend Hernan as he will improve your tennis as he did mine.

Cheryl S.




I have been taking drills/lessons with Hernan for many years, first at West End and now at Tennis Zone. What a work out in every session....he can accommodate any number of participants with ease!! Hernan has the gift of not only being a great tennis player, but being able to teach the sport to all ages and ability levels. He has helped me improve tremendously and challenges me to learn all the various aspects/strategies of such a wonderful sport. I have the utmost respect for Hernan and appreciate his efforts in every drill session. He knows the game of tennis so well....amazing!! I look forward to our drills every week. He makes it fun but strives to get the best out of everyone.

Christine B.


Hernan is the Tennis Doctor and the Tennis Whisperer. If you follow his instruction and advice, your game will improve. Period. You will become more consistent and have better strategy and control. He works on the physical AND the mental parts of the game. He can diagnose a player's game and errors after 5 minutes, see areas for improvement, and make the slightest adjustments or big changes. I am afraid to say much more about how amazing he is because I still need him to be available to work on MY game! :) You will not regret a thing.





I worked with Hernan for over 3 years and saw a lot of improvement in my game. Hernan would ask if there was anything specific that I wanted to work on. If so, the lesson would be stuctured to develop skills in that area. We would always start with a warmup and Hernan would correct any fundamental issues with grip, swing, footwork, etc. We then moved onto ground stokes (the basis on all points). This was an opportunity to focus on specific aspects of the game. Hernan would really push me hard. This is hard to get in any other way, but it leads to rapid improvement. A big part of learning requires repetition and the ability to perform when you are tired and off balance. Hernan would set up these situation during each lesson. Hernan himself has such good skills that he can model any sort of shot. I quickly tire of drills where a pro feeds balls right to you. Hernan ran most lessons so that he was returning balls that I had hit. This is much more like real tennis play and translated immediately to my games.

Bill L.





I was fortunate enough to end up in a beginner clinic run by Hernan five years ago. I have attended lessons and clinics by others over those years, but I prefer his teaching style. He never overloads a lesson with too many tips and adjustments, which has made it easier for me to implement concepts in a logical progression. He emphasizes the importance of both technique and fitness to a competitive tennis game, and never neglects the mental aspects of strong play. He has been patient with my sometimes slow learning and has been upfront with critique. He is also prompt and respectful of my time - a true professional.

Catherine P.




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